A Philanthropic Experience

Numerous studies point to the indisputable fact that people who give to others both of their time and resources, feel happier, experience less stress and as a result, live longer! In addition to benefitting from the tax advantages of making a charitable donation, I want to help you feel happier. We can do this together in an easy, affordable and deeply meaningful way.

The Search

If you have experienced difficulty selecting a charity to support, then you would not be alone. Most people struggle with the ever-ambiguous task of identifying an organization that not only means something to them but also ensures maximum community impact. With 30 years of experience in the charitable sector to draw on, I can effectively uncover who this is for you.

The Discovery

Establishing a lifelong connection between you and the charity of your choice, is of everything Harmonia aspires to achieve. This connection is too important to be just a transactional experience. Allow me to take you through an easy, thought-provoking exercise that will ensure your experience as a donor is nothing short of extraordinary.

The Research

Based on the results of our Discovery phase, Harmonia will conduct the research necessary to identify the charity options you will inherently feel a connection to. The charity profiles I develop will include all of the most important facts and considerations I know are on the minds of donors. I will do all the heavy lifting for you.

The Findings

The ultimate outcome of our time together will be when you select the chairty of your choice based on the results we achieve in steps 2 & 3. By the time we reach this important step, you will undoubtedly have a thoughrough undertanding of the choices in front of you and be in an ideal position to make a decision that feels good to you and your family.

The Connection

This last step involves Harmonia introducing you to the charity you have selected. Not only will this piece of our journey together connect you with your  point of contact, this person will facilitate your deeper connection to the charity going forward. You can rest your mind knowing that any future philanthropic investments you make will be greatly valued.

Don’t wait another day to experience the extraordinary feeling of helping people – there is nothing like it.