Services for Charities

For as long as charities have been in existence, finding and engaging the support of donors has never been a simple process. Canadian charities account for 8.1% of Canada’s GDP yet continually struggle with attracting donor dollars that allow their missions to thrive.

Focusing on professional advisory services to small and mid-size charities, Harmonia is in a position to guide charitable organizations through a strategic planning process that effectively identifies realistic and affordable solutions to securing sustainable revenue.

Strategy & Planning

Beginning with a review and assessment of your current development program, we can take you through an evaluation process that becomes your starting point for program, budget and operational planning. Together, we will be able to effectively set priorities, focus energy and resources, and develop a budget that will support your development plan.

The strategic framework we create will include steps to secure the endorsement of management and board leadership as well as employee buy-in. This important step will help to ensure (1) that everyone agrees on the expected goals and outcomes for the organization and on how best to achieve them, and (2) that everyone is working toward common goals established in the development plan.

Relationship Building

We can help you to develop simple donor reporting mechanisms that highlight the impact of your donors’ gifts without compromising staff capacity. We have worked with many small to mid-level charitable organizations, so we understand that the capacity challenge charities often face results in donor relationships that are, at times, more transactional than meaningful or enduring. While reporting to your donors may seem daunting, good stewardship, as you know, is critical to the sustainability of your fund development programs. We will help you to deepen your relationship with your donors so that they will be much more inclined to support you, year after year. We are confident your donor retention rates will improve through the simple yet powerful stewardship practices that we put in place together.